Welcome everyone to the newest intelligence community on the web

This website was created as an intention to give to the world free access to info about geopolitical issue around the globe.It is intended to analyze and inform.We are NOT affiliated with any political or ideological parties and we do NOT support, sympathize or endorse any of the presented parties in any way.We are a group of people, some with expertise in gathering info that want to present the world some of the worlds issues and also present some of our views on solving them by avoiding conflict or least bloodshed possible.We do NOT instigate in any way to violence or hate of any form, human or animal ,cultural or religious harmful actions.We are not employed, paid or endorsed in any way by any government or independent agency of any kind.All our groups members are 100% freelancers but we do take private assignments and we are able to provide accurate private info for the correct amount.That info may be strategical political or commercial info that could help private companies, governments or private people gain an advantage on their competitors,enemies or just be a step ahead of others.We offer our knowledge, expertise and our teams of informers and spies on countries from Europe,Middle East, Africa, Asia and South America.We have rock solid info gatherers in all these countries and continents.

Now to explain a bit about how things will be done

1. Contact us by submitting a comment for this post on the website.All we need from you is a secure email address.(Don’t worry, your comment and contact info won’t be showing on the website)

2. Upon making contact with you by secure encrypted email we need clear details about the subject you want to investigate.We offer a multitude of services and that includes but is not limited to:

– tracking down an individual and giving you info on his whereabouts, lifestyle, secret lovers, work,how much he/she is spending, peculiar patterns, anything that you request or we can find out.

– tracking down a high value individual , it can be a politician, arms dealer, drug lord ,you name it.We will try to server you and give you the same info or as much info as possible, it all depends on the target

– tracking down a company – we will give you as much info on the company, who’s actually running it, what they are actually doing, who controls their operation, etc

– tracking down a group of people – for instance mercenaries, political factions, terrorist groups – we will give you as much info as possible like who’s the leader, who are they funded by, what are their short term and long term intentions, their sworn enemies and allies

– COUNTRIES – whatever you need

What we WON’T DO is interfere with the above mentioned groups, we do not “DO JOBS” , we just gather and sell info, we don’t work for anyone

3. Upon contacting our local sources of informers and spies we will wait for them to asses the work and price for their work and come back to you with the details.We ask for advance payment only when we have the certitude that we can gather enough proper usable info and we will send you proofs prior to receiving advanced payment.We WILL ask for advance payment ONLY when it comes to finding lost people.There is no point in trying to track down someone that maybe never existed or never been there but you have some hunches.If you start by giving us his name and address, that’s a totally different subject.But if you just provide a name/nickname and ask us to search worldwide…advance payment is the only way.

4. Upon receiving payment we will start by fully disclosing all the info we have a pursue to gather as much info until your request will be satisfied. All the gathered info is compiled in a report by a profession person with experience.